Eri Swasono


Eri Swasono
Eri Swasono – Principal

Graduated from Parahyangan Catholic University majoring in Architecture in 2001, Eri Swasono was honoured to join Daksa Group as Project Architect responsible for Kota Kembang Depok Raya Region Development.

In 2003, Eri Swasono decided to take further step of his career by joining PT Imesco Dito as an architect to broaden his experience in design and build for a fulfilling 5 years.

After completed a Master’s Degree in Magister Management (Economic Faculty of University of Indonesia), Eri Swasono got the opportunity to join PT Lippo Karawaci, Tbk. as The Head of Design Division for the next 5 years until he decided for a professional career by establishing his own company, PT Pawon Ciptareka until now.

PT. Pawon Ciptareka has been involved in various project scales in planning and implementation.